Moving Forward, Conquering Shame

In order to move forward, Descendants of American Slaves need to understand our collective past.  Separate fact from  perception formed by media images and stories. Fill in the blanks in our history.

Then its time to move forward.  To form strategic alliances among those willing to work with us.  To learn from those who have succeeded, whatever their race or ethnicity.

Descendants of American Slaves must first learn, from reliable sources, the underlying rationale for their belief structure. Separate truth from fiction.  When we do we will begin to understand the enormous capabilities that exist among us.

First, we have to conquer the shame that is a legacy of slavery.  We have to understand the impact of mental enslavement in order to heal, to release the hostility within us.

Since the descendants of slaves can’t pinpoint each individual white person who is descended from slave masters, we reflexively dislike all whites. That’s why hostility sometimes gets out of hand and runs amuck. It was members of the white race who degraded our ancestors and caused our racial shame. This shameful degradation was passed on to us. We see and feel it every day, but because of the systematic way we have been made to forget about our history, we don’t fully understand what we are seeing or what we are feeling. Our inherited shame causes us to sense this dreadful feeling came from something we did wrong.