Lies That Bind

Gatekeepers exist in every organization to keep “others” out.  Our job is to understand and articulate our own value.  Then, we become the gate and its keeper. And, hopefully when we are secure, we practice equal access, equal justice.

Does America’s history of slavery make you so uncomfortable that you refuse to talk about it?  Do you believe images portrayed 24/7 in the media about America’s people of color, or about rich white people?

For those who dismiss talking about a problem instead of looking for a solution, remember that although solutions may  present themselves at your door, you won’t recognize them until you understand the problem they aim to solve.  Sharing information, ideas, and knowledge help us better understand the problem. It increases our chances of uncovering lies, untold history, and other deceitful acts that could destroy efforts to bring about a workable solution.  This is extremely important to a people whose history is largely unrecorded.  Misinformation and outright lies instill fear and bind us to the status quo.