From Slavery to Success Empowerment

Where do we go from here?


image-2014-HIggenbotham-0236-2-e1402286331708As Descendants of American Slaves, we know how important it is for us to know our history, especially our American history as it pertains to us! We must know why we are where we are, and what has brought us to this place in time. But, it is just as important or even more important for us to know where we want to go and have a game plan and systems in place to help us to get there. (If we only keep dealing with our past, we are condemning ourselves to our past). We must keep it moving forward, creating a new now!

Just as slavery took us through a rebirthing process and experience, we now MUST have processes and systems that will allow us to rebirth ourselves. Having said all of that, I want to introduce you to the “From Slavery 2 Success Empowerment Movement”. With us being willing to partner with other Black American success like-minded organizations, we will all be able to accomplish so much more!

As ASI and Descendants of American Slaves member, it is FREE for us to join!  To join: 

What is the From Slavery 2 Success Empowerment Movement?


The From Slavery 2 Success Empowerment (FS2SE), is the home of the From Slavery 2 Success Empowerment Movement (FS2SEM).

  • FS2SEM is designed to reposition Black People in America to experience a totally different level of Success and Power in America and in the earth realm so we can continue to take care of our Business!

Who is it for?

  • This movement is for Black people in America who are tired of not being able to live up to the same standards that are afforded to the other communities in America.
  • It’s for those who say, “Give us an equal playing field without having the deck stacked against us. 

Why do we need it? (The problem)

The problem: Black People in America, are out of position to make the impact God wants us to make in America as a people. 

The cause of the problem: There is not enough collaborative and financial unity and there is a lack of opportunities for Black People in America. 

How does it work?

God’s solution: He is calling for us to rebirth and reposition ourselves so there are more success stories for Blacks in America.

Two of the key components to next level success for Black Americans are “How ToKnowledge and Opportunities. These are designed to create an environment where we will be able to Be more, Do more, and Have more in every area of our lives. 

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