Captain’s Millionaires’ 90-day Training


“Training that Will Change Your Life Forever”

The Captain’s Millionaires’ training has eliminated hype and “feel good” fluff that have nothing to do with your life.  It focuses solely on you, on your life, on your dreams.

Here are just some of the transformations that you’ll experience when you attend  this Free 1-hour training.

  • You’ll develop new skills that will heighten your intuitiveness, increase your awareness, help you develop a clear sense of purpose, and unearth your true passion.  Practice exercises show you how to use these skills. Opportunities that you couldn’t even envision will become crystal clear.
  • You will connect  with others worldwide who share your passion.
  • Your vision of what can be will expand, and beyond that, you’ll learn how to access your new, bigger vision.

Captain’s Millionaires’ Training  uses proven  learning techniques that have been validated by top psychologists and specialists in how people learn.  When you follow these techniques, what we teach you is embedded in your brain and becomes a part of who you are.

There are a lot of “make money” and “get happy” books and  courses on the Internet – programs that claim to show you how to succeed at  becoming famous, and generate a full-time income. They promise riches, instant success, and a mastery of the universe in just a few months. Captain’s Millionaires’ training promises something even better: a deeper understanding of who you are, the potential you have that is untapped, new skills critical to success, exercises and strategies to help you become the person you wish you were, and how to sustain the new, successful you.


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It’s been a long time since something has caught my interest. This course has caught my interest and my future is blessed. Now my thinking has changed. I am thinking more positive then I have before. I don’t know about anybody else, but this course has help me! I am looking forward to the exceeding abundantly above all I could even ask or think. Pastor Bracely

The captain has been on a mission to lift up people for over 2 decades.  This training helps fulfill that mission.  D. Randall

I highly recommend this course if you’re serious about changing your life. Without Dr. G’s guidance I would’ve continued to go completely in the wrong direction. His advice is invaluable. –Richard

Dr. G’s strength lies in his attention to detail and helping you to create focus on what is important. It’s something he is passionate about, and he’s good at getting you to care about it too. As someone who was “all over the place” in my strategy to get ahead,  these have been invaluable lessons in moving me to an appreciation for my intangible and tangible assets, which allowed me to pursue new goals. – Sharon

Dr. G’s Millionaire training gave me the tools and direction to develop relationships with others whose goals are similar to my own, and who are eager to help others. I’ve learned to eliminate excuses for not moving forward:  I am now a lifelong learner which continually increases my knowledge.  I have also added Action to my Knowledge, which is dramatically changing my life. – Andy


These are just some of the personal affirmations that you will learn to incorporate into your daily living. Ask anyone – they do make a difference; you simply need to learn how to apply them.


  • I shall start this process of positive  life transformation immediately.
  • I shall start with my own winning philosophy, “I shall start this process of positive life transformation  immediately.
  • My commitment is wholehearted to perform those winning disciplines today and every day that will revolutionize my life.
  • I shall start with my own winning philosophy, which states that I am dedicated to the maximization of human potential for the benefit of all people.
  • Yes, it is time for me to make powerful choices for my life and live by empowering daily behaviors. And I shall start today.


Learn to think and speak in a way that changes outcomes

  • If I think my life is wrought with strife… I shall THINK again new empowered thoughts…I shall think of my life as prosperous and abundant and harmonious.  Every thought sends waves into motion, so I need to use each moment to think my highest thought… this is one of GODLINESS.
  •  If I say my health is shot to pieces… I shall SPEAK again new empowered words… I shall speak words of vigor and power and vitality and energy and wellness. Every word can reach millions of ears, so I need to use each moment to speak my highest word… this is one of LOVELINESS.
  • If I act like my life is the pits… I shall ACT again in new empowering ways… I shall act as a prosperous and successful person and do positive, noble and uplifting deeds. Every action can literally rearrange the stars, so I need to use each moment to act my highest deed… this is one of SAINTLINESS

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Captain\'s Millionaires\' 90-day Training