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Just about everyone who spends time on the Internet has heard of Bitcoin, a digital currency generally referred to as “cryptocurrency”. It started in 2009, and has grown to acceptance by over 100,000 merchants, according to Wikipedia. It has increased in value at an amazing rate since its introduction.

GoldCoin is a more recent digital currency, and is now traded on on a variety of popular cryptocurrency exchanges (Bittrex and C-CEX). Its name means “value” to billions of people Worldwide.

Dr. Gerald has formed an alliance with  GoldCoin, and sees it as a means of increasing ASI members’ personal wealth, as well as funding programs that benefit Descendants of American Slaves.

GoldCoin value to ASI and the DAS community

1.  Every nation has a form of national currency

  • American Slaves is a new nation within a nation. If every nation has a form of national currency, the American slave nation should have its own form national currency also.
  • The American Salve Nation having its own currency will not interfere with America’s profitability or the way America does business

2. Control the fluctuation of its nation pricing

  • American Slaves Gold Coin is not a control agent. It is an inclusion factor to show the worth of a people that have been excluded

3. Empower its Citizens and Business Community.

  • American Slaves Gold Coin represents a vested interest in an American people’s worth. It is an added factor to American currency.

4.  Control and Influence Political Leadership

  • The political arena is influenced by lobbyist and controlled by the vote. The American Slaves Gold Coin will uplift the American Slave Nation economically. It will unite the people into a voting bloc. Voting as a bloc will insure proper political representation

5.  Give back (philanthropic)

  • Philanthropists will benefit by tax credits and good will. They will be investing in a new people that is destined to reap huge profits

6.  Create capital for business startup & home ownership

  • The American Slaves Gold Coin will raise capital to finance American Slaves Cultural Business Incubators across America and then throughout the world
  • Slave Cultural Business Incubators will bring slaves into the economic mainstream worldwide without racial incident

7.  Job creation

  • Slave Cultural Business Incubators will create jobs by teaching descendants of slaves how to create jobs by creating businesses that employ the people


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