Gatekeepers: Excerpts

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Correcting the Slave Mentality

(Willie’s prediction: The slave mentality will last for 300 years)

(KPE) knowledge, planning and execution.

One word that gatekeepers rely on is “security.” This term has “African American” leaders all screwed up. Whites have been waving this word in front of slave descendants ever since the Civil War ended. “African American” leaders assume as long as they keep their heads down, protect what is theirs and don’t take chances or make waves, they’ll be secure like whites are. This is a misleading notion because whites are being led by astute leaders and whites understand how to follow. Slave descendants aren’t being led at all and, having no idea how to follow, they just tag along behind the crowd. Following blindly does not lead to security. Racial pressure is steadily building in America. Slave descendants have started killing each other at an alarming rate, and there is no plan in place how to put an end to this senseless slaughter — except one: the  American Slaves, Inc. Renaissance Plan! American Slaves must acquire leaders with the intelligence and courage to tell unaware stragglers, who are restless and growing up wild, the truth of why they are behind and then teach them how to catch-up!

Until the slave culture is given accurate information, they will stay lost and confused and, because they are frustrated, they will keep right on killing each other out of frustration. If slave leaders don’t start acting like they’ve got some sense and accept the only plan that outlines how their followers will at least have a chance to catch up to immigrant cultures, no slave descendant can be secure — simply because America can’t be secure. At this point, grassroots slave descendant don’t even try to be secure.  They know from experience that no matter the situation they don’t have a chance to win, anyway.  They figure “what the hell’s the use in even trying.”  That’s the wide ranging attitude among most American Slaves — and it’s defensible!

In an industrial society that boasts freedom for all, fairness is the mother of security. Racial well-being grows into a healthy product when people work together for a common cause. Security is nurtured with knowledge and cultivated with hope.  This means that anything other cultures can do — slave descendants should be able to do too; which in their case is not true. Leaders must study the past to understand what transpired during slavery that stops Descendants of American Slaves from progressing like other cultures progress. Knowledge is the key to cultural development in a moneymaking environment.  The  rest is planning, hard work and execution but the main ingredient is still hope. ASI repeats: Without hope, there is no honest exertion.

Illuminating the security myth

ASI is breaking new ground so, as we go forward, we must always be keenly aware that we are leading a group of unaware people who are held in a deliberately planned unconscious state and, as Willie Lynch predicted, someday they will awaken.  This means we must make haste because, at some point, their eyes will come open and they will see and understand the devastation whites caused to the slave culture. To avoid upheaval in the future, ASI’s main job is to make waves today! We must plan ahead so the awakening of the American Slave Nation won’t be a hostile beginning.  That’s why ASI has worked hard so many years to come up with the American Slaves Renaissance Plan. It is beneficial to all Americans. It generates love for mankind, hope for the future and respect for all human form. To overcome inertia and move forward in a business setting, slave descendants must keep the six P’s of business at the forefront of their way of thinking: “Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.” Proper planning is the mother of proper execution. America’s Little Black Book gives us the key to success: “KPE,” (Knowledge, Planning and Execution). If understood, the information in the book will lead slave descendants in the direction of security. It is left to those who have the mettle to lead a group of abandoned slaves to come up with a viable plan and then teach the slave culture how to execute it properly so they can reach their planned goal.

The single most important rule that controls a business society where residing cultures compete is to make money collectively. The slave culture is impoverished because, as a people, slaves absolutely refuse to work collectively unless whites are in charge. Slaves think they are working together, independent of whites, but they are not. The white culture has always been in charge.  Their group is affluent because they believe in working together, no matter who’s in charge, even if it’s an American Slave and the consequences are obvious.

Now that we have explored the problems that slave descendants are faced with, before we move forward, let us look back at what we have to work with: Number one: Slaves were bred in America which was an immoral act sanctioned by white Americans the dominant culture. Number two: Slavery was a legal business enterprise and recognized as such by America’s “powers that be.” Number three: Slavery was ultimately judged to be illegal and immoral. That’s the chief reason why the Civil War was fought and why white people killed each other — but that’s not the full account of human bondage. There are other pieces of the slavery puzzle that must be taken into considerations: America is a commercial society that is controlled by legalities and strict guidelines. Even though the white culture is the dominant culture and can do pretty much whatever they want to do, they didn’t just wake up one morning and start killing each other because the North hated the South nor because either locale loved slaves. The North and South were involved in fierce economic competition that would shape America for the future. To gain an advantage, the South started mass-breeding slaves right out in the open. Profits from slavery allowed the South to rise in prominence. However, the illegal act of slavery prompted the North to fight the South until they unchained their slaves. That’s not the end of the slavery story either; because slave descendants survived and America is still ongoing — therefore, the story continues.



I’m Not Angry; I’m Just Doing Business!(Business mentality acquired)

Testing slave descendants’ resolve to do business — American style

The time has finally arrived for slave descendants to rise up, leave stagnation behind and begin to move forward. To advance, leaders must drop their false pride, get their heads together and realize they all have something to offer to the American Slave Movement. It’s the only way they can take an accurate analysis of slave descendants’ collective situation. Once leaders begin collaborating, a starting point can be established and a plan of action that is beneficial to slave descendants and acceptable to commercial America can be devised. It’s important that this plan is supported by the religious sector of both the black and white communities. Subsequent to a plan of action being accepted by a cross-section of the population, it could then be introduced as legislation to support a political agenda for the slave culture (America’s Little Black Book, Page 183, subtitle: “Laying the structural foundation”).

Those who lead slave descendants must acknowledge that racial ignorance, the toughest roadblock of all is what has been holding the slave culture back all the time. Acknowledgement is important because racial ignorance is not the same as individual ignorance. Precise steps must be taken to reverse the injected ignorance American Slaves inherited be-cause, even though it started at birth and rose to the top, it now flows from the top down. To move a group of abandoned people forward who  are unaware and also have an identity crisis, intelligence must be injected into the head of the group directly.  This sounds difficult but it’s not. All leaders have to do is open their minds and accept logic. An admission of ignorance by “African American” leaders will illustrate their ability to accept intelligence.  The next step is to initiate a special educational program that encompasses the slave culture simply because slaves were made ignorant because of their pre-planned cultural existence.

Slave descendants must be singled out so America’s education system can target their  effort toward providing their teachers and other educators with accurate knowledge according to their group’s investigated needs, their recorded stagnation and anticipated growth.  This step must be headed up by an institution of higher learning and carried out by America’s education system in general.  The next step is to clarify the legalities of slavery.  This is the most imperative step in establishing well-being in the slave culture. If carried out properly, it will ensure that slave descendants are legally recognized as an American people in every area that controls cultural advancement.

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