America’s Little Black Book: Excerpts

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It’s Just Business

Chapter 19

It’s unfortunate that African American leaders have never understood the word ‘hope’ and what it means in the business arena in conjunction to descendants of slaves. Hope is what freedom is built on. Business is the lifeblood of freedom. The thirst for freedom is the driving force behind business. If business is carried out properly, it becomes a perpetual power; freedom becomes a byproduct of this exertion.

Hope is a powerful, motivational force, and it’s missing among my people. Successful descendants of slaves must be mentally transformed first. They must be regenerated and made to see the big picture. Hope springs from above.

Once we have an authentic leader, he should direct those under him to work toward strengthening those [descendants of American] slaves who are in a position to become captains of industry, so they can, in turn, employ our people — not so they themselves can become individual profiteers. Presently, our leaders ‘think too small. ‘The reason individuals in our group get misused when we do get a chance to participate in the American dream is because, even if we did have a winning plan, we don’t belong to a definable racial entity that can back our hand. Without racial support, we become desperate to advance our personal plans and ideas. We lose hope, and ensuing panic makes us easy prey.

Second Class Leadership (Results in second-class citizenship)

Chapter 26

During slavery, slaves were programmed to believe they were little more than animals; since then we have been gradually elevated, but only to second-class citizens. We have endured this status and the concomitant maltreatment with grumbling, but without significant unified protest. The world mistakes our silence for consent; therefore, other American racial groups perceive us as second-class.

If another group were to state openly that we are second-class citizens, or that we are ignorant slaves, it would upset us terribly. Our leaders would grab their bullhorns, organize a protest rally, and proclaim their outrage in carefully worded and succinct statements to produce ‘sound bites ‘for the TV news cameras. The hastily gathered crowd of usual suspects would be throwing a veritable conniption fit, but in vain because whoever says we are second-class citizens is telling the truth.

Descendants of slaves being discriminated against is a byproduct of our being second-class citizens. Racial ignorance makes us susceptible to this negative condition and our second-rate status. A group of gullible people who are being led by uninformed leaders into the brutal, business arena without any type of success plan couldn’t help but be regarded as second-class citizens!

The tragedy of the racial situation in America is twofold: Slave descendants who call themselves our leaders don’t talk intelligently to their white counterparts about the maltreatment descendants of slaves receive. They are afraid of repercussions. Therefore, when it comes to slavery, their argument is reduced to doubletalk they believe is acceptable to whites. Secondly, those few slave leaders who are not frightened of whites are nonetheless wary of their fellow descendants of slaves. They dare not publicly point at defects our community of people may have because we don’t take racial criticism very well — even from our own. Most of us are reflexively ill at ease about the topic of slavery. Many among us would mistake constructive criticism about our brethren for racial slander. Calling descendants of slaves “slaves,” out in the open, could cause a slave uprising…

…‘African American’ leaders shun the whole truth surrounding slavery because they know that this particular truth, served whole, makes average whites apprehensive. This is another example of our weak, ignorant leadership. Our leaders’ stifling the truth of slavery helps keep slavery covered up. The truth of slavery shouldn’t cause the descendants of slaves to feel uneasy. It should make us realize that help is imminent. Our so-called leaders have always been the gate-keeper who filter the information [descendants of American] slaves receive. Their job should be to get accurate information to us, not just the information that sounds politically correct. Sure, the bulk of us are not that educated, but many of us do have enough ‘mother wit’ to figure out the purpose of information that is accidentally ‘leaked.’ Our leaders rarely think about purpose. They usually make a quick decision to attack distasteful information or elect to “kill the messenger” before our people get the message!

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