American slaves, Inc. Renaissance Plan: The Next Step Forward – Excerpts

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Historical overview:

When the history of a people is not recorded, it can be easily altered for avaricious reasons or misunderstood by the unknowing and forgotten by the uncaring. When history is recorded inaccurately, it automatically breeds ignorance on an all-inclusive, nationwide scale.

Slavery is a shameful part of American history that is saturated with explosive ignorance; it has left a festering sore in the fabric of America.

Many Americans, not understanding inflammable situations, could care less. Not realizing the heritage of slavery, they would rather forget it ever happened. As new information surfaces, we find that slavery is far too important to be forgotten. It is one of the most significant building blocks in the foundation of our great nation. It is the cornerstone of American commerce, a fact that should never be forgotten.

Birth, trials and tribulations of a people:

American Slaves are a unique group of American citizens who were born and bred in America by whites to be chattel (slaves for white Americans). Upon arrival on this continent, slaves were not allowed to assume their rightful rank among humankind. They were instead identified as slaves, officially classified as animals and trained for servitude by slave masters. American Slaves’ sole purpose for being propagated in America was for the profitability of whites who claimed legal ownership of their person.

American Slaves have since evolved into an easily recognizable group of American citizens and are the newest ethnic entity to be added to the human race. Descendants of American slaves are currently in the process of evolving from the cradle of human bondage (slavery).

The mission of American Slaves, Inc. is to shed light on the common legacy of slavery and help Descendants of American Slaves understand their earthly existence while encouraging them to accept their true ethnic identity. One task is to expose slavery and provide evidence that American Slaves were unjustly bred for commercial purposes on American soil.

We will prove that, from their beginning, American Slaves were denied basic knowledge of their surroundings and their culture was never structured properly. For generations, they were indoctrinated with a slave mentality that would bind them to servitude and squalor, indefinitely. American Slaves were subsequently released from bondage improperly and unjustly abandoned into America’s bigoted business environment.

Since their inception, slaves have subsisted in a nation founded on commerce but they were never documented into the American system so they could fit into an industrialized society properly. Slave descendants are still largely unaware of their proper identity and true lineage. In comparison to other cultures, Descendants of American Slaves are still mired in the muck of human bondage and servitude. Without even realizing it, slave descendants struggle daily under the influence of a slave mentality. Their outlook on life puts them at a disadvantage in America’s business environment.


Our main effort, therefore, is to educate Slave Descendants as to how America functions and is controlled and then teach them the basics of doing business. Our ultimate goal is to create empowering strategies that will facilitate their evolving from the cradle of slavery so they can achieve true emancipation and proper assimilation into mainstream America.

Learning to crawl:

Unfortunately for descendants of slaves, America is a formal society that is controlled by references, proper credentials and accurate records keeping. The lack of personal documentation (the result of destroying the slavery paper trail) has caused and is still causing the most pertinent data surrounding slavery in America to be misconstrued, misinterpreted or covered up altogether; therefore, it can’t be referenced. If we are to come up with something new that will facilitate Descendants of American Slaves’ forward progress, we must revisit the past, reassemble the facts of slavery and reinterpret the data. Ultimately, we must rely on mother-wit and common sense.

Clear thinking 101:

Even though Descendants of American Slaves interact with diverse American cultures on a daily basis, our school system, elementary through college, teaches only American history, but seldom addresses American Slave history! It’s unthinkable that America’s most educated have failed to realize that descendants of slaves still exist and that we are a fundamental part of America.

If our colleges and other institutions of learning are unmindful that Descendants of American Slaves do in fact exist and that our culture is in a worsening condition, it suggests that our education system is a key source of our racial ignorance and a primary cause of our ongoing identity crisis.

The good news is, after so many years, the proper corrective data is finally surfacing. Hopefully the damage (ignorance) that was imbedded into American Slaves during slavery has not solidified in slave descendants of today. Optimistically, their ethnic intuition is still strong enough to accept the truth of their lineage and allow our simple plan to be implemented. If American leaders support our straightforward cure, assimilation will take place, our identity flaw will be corrected and slavery will be exculpated.

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