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We invite you to join  American Slaves Inc. membership because this one small step is a  means of  uniting in a movement to gain equal access to resources in our country, America.

Just look at recent and current history

At this juncture in history, 3rd quarter 2016, it should be abundantly clear that a mind-shift is needed in order for Descendants of American Slaves to recognize who we are, then move forward to fully engage our incredible knowledge and skills in a way that  invigorates social change,  innovation and business development for and among our people.  Our survival as a culture and people depend on it.

The Ferguson events of 2014 served as a renewed tip of the spear that has been used ever since our forefathers were brought to this land as a resource that was pivotal in creating this country’s enormous wealth.  It was a wakeup call to all who had fallen into the trap of accepting the status quo no matter how painful. So many similar events have occurred (that we know about) that we have to wonder where it will end.

WE, Descendants of American Slaves, united with like minded people, MUST get involved.  We will be the difference.  We have to drive change; it will not come gratuitously or automatically.


At the time of the Ferguson events, Mr. Norris Shelton’s American Slaves Inc. had already been engaged in sharing information about the plight of Descendants of American Slaves.  Dr.  Gerald Higginbotham had been training communities of people to become effective leaders and extolling the absolute necessity of community economic empowerment for decades. These two men have now teamed up to expand their activities and message worldwide.  They are collaborating with empowered people and organizations worldwide that can effect change.

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ASI Membership enables you to be a participant in this change process. Your voice will be heard as Higginbotham and Shelton take the ASI message and story throughout the world. You might even want to be present at these sessions.

This membership is for people who are dedicated to making a difference and supporting change that enables our communities and their people to take their rightful place in American society.

Ask yourself these questions:


When you join our movement we  provide you with tools that get you up to speed. Your membership includes:

  1. America’a Little Black Book
  2. American Slaves Inc. Renaissance Plan
  3. An additional year of ASI membership
  4. Gold Coin Wallet
  5. Access to Webinar – A Basis for Change
  6. Access to Webinar – Who, and Where Are We in The American Society


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These are the books you get – hard copy versions:

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An addition year of membership, free comes with your membership purchase (Your name and picture will be on your card).



You will get a jump start on building your personal wealth, 100 GoldCoin, a 21st century international “crytocurrency” that is on the Exchange in world markets and constantly increasing in value. This will be added to your GoldCoin Wallet.

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Access to the On-demand Webinar – A Basis for Change

This on-demand webinar video will show you the price of not knowing information, such as ideas about slavery that are based on what is included in textbooks, books written by people who has a vested interest in slavery enterprise, or media personnel reading from notes prepared by people who have a vested interest in continuing status quo.  It also challenges viewers to consider characteristics of freedom vs. slavery.  The information is a real eye opener.


Basis for Change


Access to the On-demand Webinar – Who, and Where Are We in The American Society

This webinar shares the secret to embracing truth – a strong sense of self, willingness to explore ideas, and a sense of where you come from.  In other words, Knowing Who You Are. The journey begins here, with this webinar.

Mastermind Commitment


ASI members will also received free and reduced price webinars on an ongoing basis.  You will  also have access to our reference library.

Much more to come!

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